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PINPICS.COM--This site is a great resource for learning about  Disney pins. Members may contribute to the vast database to keep track of their own "Tradeables" or "Wants".  If Internet pin trading is NEW TO YOU, follow this link to visit PinPics and take their Quick Tour.  It's FUN and EASY to Trade all over the world right from your desktop!

DIZPINS.COM--This is the "sister site" to PinPics. This site offers a search engine for information on Disney pin releases, park events or travel plans. It features information about the 'comings' and 'goings' at the parks around the world! You may search for and/or leave positive references for Traders, Buyers and Sellers of Disney pins.

YAHOO.COM AUCTIONS ~ DISNEYANA--A direct link to the Disneyana category for collectable pins on the Yahoo! live auction site.

EBAY.COM AUCTIONS ~ DISNEYANA--A direct link to the Disneyana Contemporary category for collectable Pins/

DISNEY.COM ~ DISNEY AUCTIONS ON EBAY-- Disney and eBay teamed together to create this site featuring Disney collectables, pins, jewelry, artwork, clothing and more. They often offer specials on closeout items.

DISNEYDEALS.COM ~ DISNEY AUCTIONS ON EBAY-- This is an independent store on eBay which auctions official Disney collectables and other Disney brand products, often at wholesale prices.

DISNEY INSIDER ~ ON-LINE MAGAZINE--Disney On-line ~ Today ~ Lots of information on entertainment, shopping, special offers and news from the pages of Disney Magazine



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